Demystifying Meditation

What is Meditation?

Meditation has so many stigmas but in reality the word meditation means to become familiar with. The whole purpose of meditation is for individuals to become more familiar with themselves. In a world that is full of constant distraction it is important for us to understand who we are, what we are doing, and why we are doing it. If we do not understand why we’re doing something, then we are just playing “follow the leader” to anything that comes our way. This is when we allow the outside world to control us and pull us into many different directions inevitably going nowhere.

How is Meditation Beneficial?

Meditation is a mental exercise used to strengthen our will power and it allows us to grow and experience happiness, success, and health by making us aware of our current thoughts and feelings. It is important to first become familiar with our true thoughts and feelings, because once we know this, we can decide which ones we want to keep. We also can decide which ones we want to cut ourselves from so that when they come to us throughout the day, we are aware of them and turn our attention to more favorable thoughts by focusing on something else.

Why is it Important to Have Control Over Our Thoughts and Feelings?

When we let the outside world control us by simply reacting to a problem or experience we are not consciously thinking but instead running on a program better known as habits. These habits, if unchecked may lead us down a path not of our choosing. This can lead to overeating, anger, anxiety, stress, and depression. 

The True Purpose of Meditation:

Meditation provides you the time to retreat from your daily schedule, your work day, your repetitive programmed habits, and gives you time to discover who you really are. When you meditate you are investing in your future and discovering what habits you really want to keep and which ones do not serve you anymore. Meditation allows you to believe in yourself and when you believe in yourself you believe in possibilities, and when you believe in possibilities, you act on your wants and desires with full control.

How to Meditate:

The practice of meditation allows you to disconnect from the outer world’s stimulus as much as possible by diminishing sensory input from your 5 senses. This environment allows you to better enhance your inner awareness.

Hear: Put on relaxing music to neutralize sound, or go to a quite room to decrease sound

See: Close your eyes to decrease your visual stimulus

Taste: You should not be eating, drinking, or chewing gum to remove taste stimulus

Touch: Lie down or sit comfortably sill to prevent increased feeling

Smell: Set yourself up in a clean smelling environment

When you are sitting down, not eating, tasting, smelling, seeing, feeling, or hearing, your brain waves will begin to start slowing down from Beta brain wave patterns, where your attention is on the outer world, to Alpha wave patterns, where your attention is in tune with your inner world. When your inner world becomes more real, the voices in your head that keep talking to you throughout the day begin to fade away and are replaced with pictures in your mind.

Meditation Strengthens Your Will Power:

When you are meditating you are forcing your body to sit and stay, just like training a dog. If you are not used to meditation, you’re body will fight back urging you to get up because you have too many emails to read, or you need to use the bathroom, or you need to check facebook, and on and on. Your body’s resistance is your group of habits trying to bring you back to your programmed life. Tell your body “I am in control.”

With persistence, you’ll be more present in the current moment and you will begin to master your time and take all your power back because the outside world is not controlling you anymore. This will give you piece of mind, create calmness, and allow you to manage your time more effectively because you will have greater strength in responding to life rather than reacting to it.

The Meditation Method:

Pick a comfortable position, close your eyes, and let any thought come to your mind. If negative thought comes to your mind feel it, accept it, and cast it aside. For the next few minutes be aware of what thoughts are entering your mind. discover what emotions you are addicted to. You will find this out by keeping your eyes closed for a few minutes and seeing the pictures that come into your mind. Open your eyes and write them down while deciding which thoughts you like and which you do not like. This will bring awareness to your mind so next time you have a thought you dislike you will be able to consciously focus on something else and act accordingly.

Next, take time to appreciate three things in your life. They don’t have to be big, just appreciate three things that you have today and that you are truly grateful for. The sun shining, your friends, your career, your comfortable bed. 

Next appreciate three things specifically about you. What have you done that you are proud of? Started a conversation with a stranger, helped a friend in need, read a book, smiled at at stranger. 

Next appreciate three things you can be proud of at work. Did you speak up for yourself, help a coworker out, make someone else smile.

Now think of someone you need to forgive from your past or your present. In your mind tell them “ I forgive you and I ask that you forgive me.” Now picture that person saying to you “I forgive you and ask that you forgive me.” 

Moving on… picture your life 3 years from now. Use all your senses as you see, feel, smell, taste, and hear where you are in your mind. See it as if it were real and don’t hold back. Dream it, live it inside your mind. Take a few minutes to let this sink in. 

Lastly picture your perfect day. What will you accomplish today? What’s the most important thing you are going to do today? Picture your morning routine, your drive to work, your work day. What are your plans after work. Next picture yourself going to bed and having a healthy night sleep.

For a complete meditation audio, please visit the 6 Phase Meditation Method by Vishen Lakhiani.

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