Fortified Wellness Blueprint Online

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Learner Behavior Outcomes: The learner will have the knowledge to act on creating a healthy lifestyle in order to reach their true potential. In doing so they will have the knowledge to teach these concepts to their patients while helping them rehabilitate with improved physical strength, continuous calmness of mind, and clear clarity in spirit.


1.) To learn the importance of the power of thought and how by channeling the correct thought one has the ability to create their own success and aid in the success of their patients.

2.) To learn the six mental faculties and relate them towards helping patients rehabilitate.

3.) To learn the seven health habits and apply them to their life in order to live a healthier and more abundant lifestyle.

4.) To apply the Fortified Wellness Blueprint in ones personal and career life.


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  • Patricia Beatriz Cuenca

    Awesome Course!

    The course is really helpful in building your foundation as a healthcare worker ! will recommend this to anyone too!