The Power of Gratitude

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, it would be good to recognize the true importance of gratitude.  Gratitude is the single most potent action one can take to create happiness and abundance in their lives and the lives of others. Here’s why…

Remember a time when you were upset. During that time you were dealing with negative energy that obstructed growth and created stress or dis-ease within your mind. These negative thoughts created negative emotions, which then created negative actions, which put you in a bad mood. Now this happens to both you and I from time to time, but it’s in knowing that you have total control over your thoughts and emotions is where the power lies.  It’s in the power gratitude that allows you to take back control your over your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Gratitude is your mental medicine and it can be summed up in 3 steps:

1.) Understand that there is only one substance in which things are made of.

Take anything physical such as your chair, book, radio, cell phone, bed, lamp, shoes, or anything else you can think of. Now break it down into it’s smallest substance possible. What do you get? The scientists would say energy, the religions would say God, and they would both say this substance is all around us everywhere in every way.

2.) This substance gives you all that you desire 

God, or energy is the same energy that flows through your mind which gets you to think and create an idea, become emotional with, and act on in a specific way. Here is an example of what I mean. I have an idea of purchasing a red ford mustang convertible. I create enough emotion from the idea that I decide to pick up an extra job in order to earn additional money so that I can purchase this vehicle. I earn the money, research where I can purchase the vehicle, go to the car dealership and pay for it. I then drive away in my red ford mustang convertible making my idea a reality. That gives you a better understanding of the famous quote “Ask and you shall receive.”

3.) Relate yourself to this power through a deep profound feeling of gratitude:

When you are truly grateful at an emotional level, not just intellectually, you are connecting to the entire source of life, you are connecting with energy, you are connecting with God. By demonstrating gratitude, your perception of life shifts for the better. This is because the positive grateful thoughts you think, manifest through your emotions and actions into your results, creating happiness and an overall positive perception.

The Gratitude Formula:

Here is the formula that will tap into your happiness.

1.) When you first wake up in the morning write ten things you are grateful for and become       emotionally involved with each one.

2.) Sit and be quiet for 5 minutes and ask the universe to give you guidance for the day    ahead

3.) Send love to everyone that’s bothering you. A great way to  send love to those you dislike is to first think of someone or something you truly love. Your wife, husband, child, dog, pet… Next let that emotion fill your heart and spread throughout your whole body. Keep that feeling strong and slowly introduce the person who is bothering you into your mind. 

Here are 10 things I am grateful for:

1.) My family and Fiance 

2.) My friends

3.) Clean Living

4.) Living in Arizona

5.) My health

6.) My willingness to learn

7.) My ability to travel

8.) My creativeness

9.) My ability to exercise

10.) Sharing knowledge to improve the lives of others

Please share 10 things you are grateful for in the comments section below…

2 thoughts on “The Power of Gratitude”

  1. Jeff, Thank you! All too often I forget to be grateful and instead let negative thoughts take over. This is a great lesson. 10 things for which I’m thankful:
    1) my relationship with Christ
    2) my Christian upbringing
    3) my family
    4) my health
    5) the health of my coming granddaughter
    6) my job (yes, I am…lol)
    7) my intelligence
    8) my home
    9) my friends
    10) sunshine and warm weather


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