March Seminars

Attendees will receive:

FREE e-book on proper posture

FREE Seminar Wellness Guide

FREE Functional Screening

March Seminars

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"You can’t give what you don’t have, so you have to heal yourself before you can heal others. Change to be better, then you will have the power to change the lives of other."
Leah Saraza
Science Teacher
“The important role of the mind is not new to us, but how to actually apply what we know is another issue altogether. This is where the Fortified Wellness Blueprint comes into play. This seminar helps us work with ourselves.”
Leomil Adriano
Instructor at University Santo Tomas
"Change is inevitable. The Fortified Wellness Blueprint taught me how to harness my strengths and live a healthy life by my own design rather than living by default."
Bea Cuenca
Registered Nurse
This course taught me different ways to challenge my mental and physical foundations, plan for my future, and seek out the best version of myself as a professional, and most importantly, as a person.
Fortified Wellness Blueprint Attendee
Physical Therapist
March Seminars